Selasa, 04 September 2018

Wipe your upset with one Love

3 Sep 2018

I started the day with routine job
I felt upset at middle of the day
still upset until the end of working time

When the night came
On the way to supermarket to buy some fruits
I passed by a boy with tired and hopeless eyes
we were looking each other for a second
suddenly I felt the boy is talking to me

he was sitting on the road path
near to the big trash can
I saw big cart full of trash next to him

My mind keep thinking
I need to bought some food for him
maybe bread will be good enough
rushed to finished my shopping
take 2 loaf breads

I came back to the spot,
he has gone
back to the car,
maybe I can still find him

I drove slowly and keep looked at the side
Yes, I found the big cart
parked my car and went down with the bread
I walked towards to the boy
"This is the bread for you to eat"
the boy, the mommy and the daddy said thank you with bowing

Back to my car,
drove back to home
tear drops from my eyes
Imagine they ate the bread with smile

I felt so light
no more upset feeling in my heart at all
it's so amazing
never felt this before
Wipe your upset with one Love

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